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Most of you are aware of the current and difficult financial situation Taos Health Systems is currently facing. A part of the legislation described below includes Low Volume Payment Adjustment (LVPA) additions to the Medicare payments we receive. Effective last Wednesday, 4/1/15, the legislation that had funded those payments expired, resulting in a 16.5% reduction in our Medicare Inpatient reimbursement rates.

If you can find the time to make a call to our Senators, please do so. A suggested statement to use in your phone call is at the end of this announcment. An additional comment about the Low Volume Payment Adjustment would also be helpful.



(H.R. 2)

On March 26th, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly, by a vote of 392 - 37, passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (H.R. 2). This is a historic development. But your advocacy efforts must continue....

If enacted, this legislation would end nearly 20 years of needless uncertainty for physicians, hospitals, caregivers and, above all, the patients for whom we all provide essential care.

As you know, for two decades, Congress has wrestled with how to resolve Medicare payments to physicians, commonly referred to as the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). This flawed formula has led to a series of temporary patches that Congress has had to confront nearly every year, resulting in billions of dollars in cuts to hospitals.

These cuts have contributed to the nearly $122 billion in 10-year cumulative cuts imposed on hospitals since 2010, as well as record low hospital Medicare margins, projected to reach negative 9 percent in 2015.

Our message to the Congress has been heard loud and clear: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

With your strong and continued advocacy, the House Leadership has put forth and now passed legislation to permanently resolve the SGR in a way that the hospitals strongly support.

Now this legislation goes to the Senate, when they return from recess early next week, where obstacles to passage remain.

While hospitals do face reimbursement cuts in this package, in the context of a permanent deal and with a balanced set of contributions from other industries and stakeholders, including beneficiaries, hospitals must support this opportunity to get rid of the SGR forever, and the continual threat of hospital cuts that come with it.

If this bill fails to pass, we will have missed a critical opportunity to avoid billions in cuts in both the short and long term. Therefore, the FAH urging all of your hospitals to contact their Senators ASAP and urge them to pass the House bill (H.R. 2).

Call Your Senators:

Call your Senators NOW and urge them to stand with their local hospitals: 


• I am _____ calling on behalf of _____ hospital and our ____ employees.
• We strongly support the House-passed Medicare physician payment bill (H.R.2) and urge Senator _____ to vote for it this week.
• Failure to pass this bill will lead to more hospital cuts year after year. We cannot take it anymore. Our patients cannot take it anymore.
• We urge you to support this bill.

DON'T WAIT. Call your Senators to ask them to stand with their local hospitals.


I have asthma and because of it I used to be in the hospital a lot and for about 6-8 days at a time. Expensive drugs that have come out now control it, but in the old days I would wake up in the middle of the night with an asthma attack, didn’t have time to make it to Santa Fe so we would rush over to the ER. The hospital has always taken care of me for the 30 years I have lived here.

Our recent stay in the hospital was super, no one wants to be in a hospital but when you are there it is great to be treated like a person. Everyone is so caring, including the men that clean the floors even they say hi how are you doing? And, that makes you feel really good. This was a great experience.

We had Dr. Bjorkman in the ER and what a presence, he makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Great guy, that man has a gift.

Then they rushed me back to the recovery room where Dr. O’Rourke came in and he has this look of love and compassion in his eyes. I told him you are a true healer and he said thank you.

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Community Health Needs Assesment

Taos Health Systems recently completed an assessment of health needs for residents in Taos County. We have also developed a plan for using its services to respond to the significant community needs identified in the report.  A copy of the report is available for your review here and is available for inspection and copying in the hospital’s administrative office, M-F, 9 am to 4 pm.

Taos Health Systems will revise its implementation efforts each year and undertake a new study to revise this report in two to three years. Your review is encouraged and submission of comments for consideration is welcomed.  Please take the time to review the needs identified in the report and help the hospital take actions to make improvements resulting in Taos County being an increasingly healthy place to live.

Follow this link to view the report.

For further information please contact Russell Mark in the Health Outreach Department at (575) 751-5711.

Holy Cross Hospital Updates

In an effort to help our community understand the changes happening in health care and at the hospital, we will be posting regular updates from the administration at Holy Cross Hospital to help share some internal information with the public.

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The Changing Face of American Health Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was passed in March 2010 is changing health care in America. Among other things, the law is already having an enormous impact on the way health care is funded.

We know that people have a lot of questions about what's happening in health care and at the hospital. We've put together this article to help educate you about the changes happening at Holy Cross Hospital.

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