Holy Cross Hospital is excited to announce that Mary Seiler, MD has joined the hospitalist team.

November 3, 2015

Dr. Seiler, a native of Taos and a graduate of Taos High School, has come home to serve her community. 

She says she’s excited to care for patients in Taos because people seem to care about each other in this community. “Though we may go about it in different ways, I sincerely believe that everybody here wants our community to thrive,” said Seiler. 

Dr. Seiler received her medical degree from the University of New Mexico. She completed an internship with Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland, Oregon and did her residency at the University of New Mexico. 

She was inspired to choose health care as her career because as a child she was always volunteering to remove splinters, or asking detailed questions about what was bothering someone and looking for ways to make them feel better. “The trust that people place in healthcare providers is humbling,” she says, “and I feel privileged that I get to be part of it.”

Dr. Seiler has two dogs who enjoy chewing up anything she says she’s careless enough to leave out: Memphis, a German Shepard/Great Pyrenees mix, and Crumb, a Boxer/Plott Hound mix. “If you see somebody struggling down the road wrapped in leashes, it’s probably safe to assume it’s me,” said Seiler.

In her spare time Dr. Seiler likes to play with her dogs, read, and catch up on Game of Thrones. She’s hoping this year she can pick up skiing again! And when it comes to health and wellness she says, “I try my best to make going for a run, cooking my own dinner, and drinking lots of water habits, and keep things like eating a pint of ice cream, spending all day on the couch, and drinking a whole pot of coffee rarities – although they do happen.”

Dr. Seiler joins the talented physicians and nurse practitioners in the Apogee Hospitalist program at Holy Cross Hospital. The hospitalist program was established in 2007 and contracted with Apogee in 2014. The team at Holy Cross includes: Tze Yong, MD; Cipry Jaramillo, MD; John Foster, MD; Mary Seiler, MD; and (on occasion) Olan Bassett, MD; as well as Joanne McGrew, CNP; Kim Alder, CNP; and Heather Salazar, CNP.

What is a hospitalist?
Holy Cross Hospital’s Hospitalist Program provides inpatients with around-the-clock access to internal medicine doctors. The hospitalists take scheduled shifts at the hospital rather than being on call. Hospitalists work with each patient’s referring physician to order tests, prescribe medication, and monitor results, and they remain in constant communication with an inpatient’s entire medical team. The program ensures inpatients don’t need to wait for care – there is always a hospitalist around – and that they get the best care and most-consistent care possible.