Holy Cross Hospital Top Performer for Patient Safety in New Mexico According to Leapfrog's Fall 2015 National Hospital Safety Score

November 5, 2015

Patient safety is about how hospitals and other health care organizations protect their patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. Strong health care teams reduce infection rates, put checks in place to prevent mistakes, and ensure strong lines of communication between hospital staff, patients, and families. The Leapfrog Group has announced its hospital safety scores for all eligible hospitals in the U.S., and Holy Cross Hospital was one of four hospitals in New Mexico to receive a B (there were no A’s).

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“Our medical staff and employees work, in partnership with our patients, visitors, and community, to consistently and constantly improve the safety and quality of the care we provide, said Linda Chase, Vice President of Quality/Risk Management for Taos Health Systems. “ We’re excited we were able to improve our grade and applaud the efforts of our medical staff and employees for this. There is still work to be done as patient safety is a continuous process that requires constant vigilance. We hope to continue demonstrating our commitment to patients by consistently providing a safe environment for care.”

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization that uses the collective leverage of large purchasers of health care to initiate breakthrough improvements in the safety, quality, and affordability of health care for Americans, converted numerical safety score data into letter grades from A to F, with an A denoting the best safety performance.

The A, B, C, D or F grades are assigned to more than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals by patient safety advocate The Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit organization representing employers and purchasers of health care. The Scores are based on how well hospitals protect patients from preventable harm, including accidents, injuries, and infections. Of the 2,520 hospitals issued a Hospital Safety Score, 790 earned an "A," 688 earned a "B," 868 earned a "C," 148 earned a "D" and 26 earned an "F.