Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Upgrade

February 4, 2015

Delivered on Monday, March 17, the new MRI provides more capabilities with faster results allowing patients more convenience without having to leave Taos. Holy Cross Hospital is the only facility in the State of New Mexico with a GE 1.5 HDxt –with Excite 23.0 Software Level capabilities.

The MRI is a modern GE 1.5T magnet with powerful gradients and high-level software to allow a comprehensive range of applications. The high-density coils and data acceleration technology result in excellent quality, high-definition imaging of all body parts. This translates to more accurate diagnoses for our patients.

Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Wider patient opening
  • Patient weight maximum of 350 lbs.
  • More coils for better image quality including: neurovascular, head, wrist, knee, body and shoulder

An MRI is a safe and painless test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of the body's organs and structures. Unlike CAT scans or X-rays, MRI doesn't use radiation.

During the MRI exam, radio waves manipulate the magnetic position of the body's atoms, which are picked up by a powerful antenna and sent to a computer. The computer does millions of calculations to create clear, cross-sectional black-and-white images of the body. These images can be converted into three-dimensional (3-D) pictures of the scanned area that can help pinpoint problems in the body.

MRI is used to:

  • Provide clear images of body parts that can't be seen as well with an X-ray, CAT scan, or ultrasound. MRI is particularly helpful for diagnosing problems with the brain and spine, skeletal system, superficial tissues, and circulatory system. It can also supplement CT scanning to assess the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Identify infections, inflammatory conditions,  and tumors.

MRI results are evaluated promptly by our in-house Radiologists and the results will be conveyed to the referring physician as a written report (or in urgent cases, a verbal report). A CD of the images will be provided after completion of the exam, upon request.