Physiatrist Dr. Matthew Harrison Joins HCH Staff

September 30, 2011

Holy Cross Hospital is pleased to announce that Physiatrist Matthew Harrison, MD, board certified in Sports and Physical Medicine, has joined an ever-growing team of outstanding medical specialists now working in Taos. Dr. Harrison practices non-surgical treatments of bone, joint, nerve, and muscle conditions and concerns.

“We are excited to have Dr. Harrison join our Medical Staff,” says Peter Hofstetter, CEO for Holy Cross Hospital. “He will provide non-surgical medical treatments for many ailments including sports or occupational injuries; back and neck pain; and joint pain or muscle spasms. He will treatment patients using biomechanical assessments, therapeutic exercise prescriptions, trigger point and Botox injections, and medical acupuncture.”

As a sports-medicine physiatrist, Dr. Harrison performs biomechanical patient assessments, then coordinates medical care and therapeutic plans for an individual’s treatment. Physiatry strives to help patients function at the highest-possible physical level, tailored to each individual’s abilities and needs. Dr. Harrison is able to provide a broad range of medical treatments and prescriptions to get patients to their optimal level of function, with the overall goal of improving the patient’s quality of life.

“Everyone is an athlete in some way or another, whether they play a sport, step onto a curb, or do household chores,” says Dr. Harrison. “Everyone moves either a little or a lot throughout the day, and they want to be at their highest level of independence. Sports and physical medicine gives them the tools to be independent and prevent surgery or injury. I generally prescribe exercise therapy, which can help correct impairments and improve musculoskeletal function and/or maintain a state of well being. Therapeutic exercise uses specific stylized movements to improve anything from poor posture to a sports injury.”

Using a holistic approach to healing by looking at the entire person, not just the problem area, physiatrists look at the whole mind-body relationship and work to restore maximum function in the person’s environment. The most essential trait of sports and physical medicine is that anyone can benefit from its treatments and therapies. Physiatry is not just for athletes or people with chronic pain – it’s for folks who want to stay active, improve their overall fitness, and live life at an optimal level of well-being.

Dr. Harrison comes to Taos from Duluth, Minnesota. He received his degree at the University of Minnesota and completed his residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin. As an outdoors-enthusiast, Dr. Harrison moved his wife, three kids, dog, and two cats across country to Taos so that he could enjoy the natural beauties and eclectic culture of Taos.

Dr. Harrison’s office is located inside of Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 1398 Weimer Road, Suite 203. To schedule an appointment with him call 575-737-0304.