Taos Health Systems Welcomes Two New Board Members

July 27, 2017

Dr. Geilen Ismail and Linda Aubrecht Officially End Terms of Service

CEO Bill Patten stated, “We would like to thank Dr. Geilen Ismail and Linda Aubrecht for their service on the Taos Health Systems Board of Directors. Their leadership and guidance have led us down a path of sustainability and a new way of conducting business, putting the patient and the employee first. They will be missed.”

They were officially replaced by two new board members, Patricia Scott, Auxiliary Representative, e-mail address is phone # is 575-224-1760 and the other member is currently a Hospitalist at Holy Cross Hospital, Dr. John Foster, phone # is 505-980-2543 and e-mail address is

The past few years have been challenging for Holy Cross Hospital and we are dedicated to regaining the trust and support of our community. Under the leadership of our new CEO, Bill Patten, and many new administrators, we are committed to making Holy Cross Hospital your hospital of choice in Northern New Mexico.

One of the methods we are using to reach our goal includes working with the Studer Group and the Community. Working closely with them we have made a Commitment to Excellence, a goal towards zero deficiencies and zero waste.

We believe our commitment to excellence is an opportunity to create an aligned culture that is accountable to achieving outcomes together so that everyone from our Employees, Board of Directors, Physicians and Medical Staff, Managers/Directors and Administrators are all on the same page working together with the same goals and values. It all comes back to making health care better. Working together, we can create great places for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care.

The Board of Directors has numerous functions and responsibilities. Many of those responsibilities are grounded in a Board member’s inherent legal duties to the health care system of care, loyalty, and obedience.

In addition, the Board at Taos Health Systems has taken on these responsibilities as well:

  • Assuring the center is financially viable and survives in marketplace while pursuing its mission 
  • Establishing general health care system policies and assure the center is operating in accordance with its own established policies and procedures
  • Establishing systematic tracking system of approval/disapproval of board policies and procedures
  • Establishing bylaws
  • Holding regularly scheduled meetings, at least once each month
  • Keeping board meeting minutes
  • Meet board educational and training needs including new board member orientation and training 
  • Assuring the health system is operating in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations
  • Conducting annual board self-evaluations
  • Developing and nurturing partnerships and good working relationships with hospitals, public health entities, private providers, elected officials and other stakeholders in the community.

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