Thank you to all employees of Taos Health Systems

August 24, 2015

I would like to thank each and every employee of Taos Health Systems for their part in responding to the recent hazmat situation at Holy Cross Hospital. Our employees selflessly handled the situation and went above and beyond to keep our community safe. Their service has not gone unrecognized. The situation was very rare, unexpected and dangerous, but through the work of our employees, medical staff and volunteers we were able to find and execute solutions as the situation unfolded.

I can think of no better way to demonstrate the selflessness and professionalism of our staff than when our employees put their own well-being on the line in order to take care of a sick patient. I am proud to be in the company of so many dedicated healthcare professionals, and I know the community appreciates how hard everyone worked to keep the situation under control.

I use every situation as an opportunity to grow, and will carefully review ways to improve our safety measures and procedures. While I commend everyone’s efforts, I want to make sure Taos Health Systems is positioned to survive and grow and this situation has given us the opportunity to review and improve how we handle crisis situations.

A situation of this caliber is of course a team effort, and I also recognize and extend deep gratitude, on behalf of Taos Health Systems and this community, to all the individuals who were part of the solution. The event lasted for about 48 hours and involved many of New Mexico’s civil servants, with decisions being made by all parties.

To everyone involved during the crisis last week, thank you. 

- Bill Patten, CEO, Taos Health Systems