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Employee Testimonial

Anna Fresquez Medical Staff Services Coordinator

I'm excited to say that I just finished celebrating my 15th anniversary working at Holy Cross Hospital! I started in the Diabetes Clinic in 2005, moved to the Administration Office in 2007, became the Patient Access Manager in 2014, and am now serving as the Medical Staff Services Coordinator. As the Medical Staff Services Coordinator, I serve as an essential link and resource between senior leadership and the medical staff. I coordinate the operational processes and ongoing credentialing, privileging, and medical staff governance functions as well as ensure compliance with accrediting and regulatory agencies. Being at Holy Cross Hospital for the past 15 years has been a truly amazing experience and has allowed me to grow within the healthcare industry. I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization!

We’re the employer you’ve been looking for.

Taos Health Systems & Holy Cross Hospital provides excellent in-patient hospital care, health education, out-patient services and clinic-based health services within northern New Mexico. We're your community hospital, and exceptional healthcare begins with an exceptional environment for caregivers comprised of over 400 employees.

In addition to being the health care choice for patients, we strive to be an employer of choice for staff. We are always pleased to welcome outstanding and talented people to the Holy Cross Hospital family to be part of our team.

Holy Cross offers rewarding career opportunities in an environment of teamwork, professionalism, and respect. Together, we combine technological expertise with a special human touch providing quality health care, hope and healing.

Holy Cross Hospital offers an exceptional benefits program to its employees. The following information will introduce you to the many options employees can elect.

Service Excellence

As as a member of the THS team, you have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of those we interact with every day. We acknowledge that it is through our words, actions, and attitudes that our mission comes to life. We have adopted the following values and Standards of Behavior to represent our commitment to excellence for our patients, families, providers, and team members.

  • Communication
  • Safety & Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Respect & Courtesy
  • Service

Explore New Possibilities

Student Job Shadow Opportunities 
This is an exciting opportunity for students to explore careers in healthcare. Job shadowing involves following or shadowing a professional throughout a workday to get a close look at what particular job involves. It’s an ideal way to determine if a particular career path if right for you. Students can either be sponsored by an educational institution or become one of our youth auxiliary volunteers.

Auxiliary Volunteers
Our 100 plus auxiliary volunteers man our gift shop and surgery desk as well as serve as Emergency Department Advocates logging in close to 9000 hours annually. Simply stated, we couldn’t do it with out them! Perhaps becoming one of our volunteers is something you are considering. Contact us at 575-758-8883 to learn more.

Education Loans (Application)
Taos Health Systems / Holy Cross Hospital firmly believes in developing careers for its employees. We have education loans available. To learn more contact HR at 575-751-5741.


What is a typical hiring process.?

  1. Complete Virtual online Application
  2. Recruiter Phone Screen
  3. If invited for an Interview, Take Online Behavioral Assessment
  4. Recruiter Interview
  5. Hiring Manager Interview
  6. Peer Panel Interview
  7. Leadership Panel Interview (for mgmt. positions only)
  8.  * The Order, Additions and Deletions of steps are subject to change.

What does Per diem mean?
As a member of our Per Diem staff, you will be there when you’re needed most. You’ll adhere to a flexible schedule and be ready to hit the ground running during peak operation times, to cover vacations and for special projects. That’s because you may be called in to fill a shift the same day as needed. Many times, Per Diem employees may find themselves transitioning into Full-time or Part-time roles within a hospital.

How many hours does a per diem get scheduled?
Your role as a Per Diem employee lends itself to a flexible schedule with varying hours depending on department need and candidate availability

What is a Behavior Assessment?
Here at Taos Health Systems, we take who you are into account. That’s why we take special care to assess how your personality traits fit into THS- STAR behaviors. The Behavioral Assessment is not a pass/fail test, but rather indicates which jobs and disciplines will allow your qualities to best shine through. You should allow 15 to 25 minutes to take the assessment. It is THS’'s policy that we do not share the results with candidates.

I have already filled out an application; do I have to fill out that information all over again?
We take your application seriously—and that’s why each is reviewed separately. So to be considered for a position, you must apply to it directly.

Will I be notified either way regarding an interview?
Here at THS, we want your application process to be as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ll notify you regarding interviews either way. If you appear to meet the qualifications of the position you are applying for, a recruiter /manager may call you for an interview. If the position closed or we think you may be better suited elsewhere, you will be notified via email. Please take into account that we experience a large volume of applications, so this process may take up to several weeks.

What is a peer panel interview?
THS Peer Panel Interviews offer your potential colleagues a chance to get to know you. They typically consist of 2 to 5 employees from within the department of the position for which you are applying. Since your peers will be familiar with the job, they’ll consider your qualifications, experience, and fit within the department and STAR values to decide whether it’s the right match.

What is a leadership panel interview?
If you are applying for a management related position, approximately 3 to 5 employees from outside the department for which you are interviewing will take their time carefully reviewing your candidacy.

If I am having trouble applying what should I do?
For assistance about a job posting or career opportunity, you may call our Human Resources department at 575-751-5782 between the hours of 8:00 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.