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Security Guard

Posted: November 22, 2019


To assist in the performance of Guard duties necessary to keep the environment safe and the physical structure and associated equipment of hospital in good repair. Uphold the duties and responsibilities of a facility security guard

Requires ability to work with minimal guidance when completing assigned repairs or facility maintenance tasks and strict attention-to-detail towards the quality of work being performed. The position is responsible for the timely and appropriate high-quality completion of maintenance tasks, while closely monitoring the safety and security environment of Holy Cross Hospital and associated hospital campus. Position expectations require the individual to respond immediately to developing security incidents upon notification or recognition. Security expectations require this position to be able to effectively deescalate issues that could potentially cause harm to patients, staff, or physical property through verbal and other non-physical interventions. Responsible for evaluating potential security situations and notifying local law enforcement if escalation techniques are unsuccessful. Responsible for the accurate, neat, and timely completion of both security and maintenance activity reports and hand-off communications to members of the Holy Cross Hospital management team.

Schedule: Per Diem (On-Call)
Contact: Anthony Ralph
Phone: 575-751-5782
Email: aralph@taoshospital.org


• High School Diploma or GED required.
• Minimum of 1 year experience in maintenance
• Minimum of 1 year experience in security management OR completion of an approved security management course within 3 months of hire.
• Must have valid State of New Mexico Drivers License and be insurable by HCH insurance carrier.
• Excellent Customer Service skills required.
• Communication, prioritization, and organizational skills required
• Adequate Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Office computer skills required to complete daily electronic reporting requirements and effectively communicate via email and through other electronic means.
• Basic Life Support (BLS) is required 

This Position is No Longer Available