Facts about Holy Cross Hospital

Communication Initiatives

A communication survey was created for employees of Taos Health Systems and completed in July 2014. The results have been reviewed by a third-party company and have been delivered to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for suggestions. Although Administration initially requested EAP engage through employee focus groups regarding the results, after a review of the data, EAP suggests that blinded results be discussed with the Administration and that focus groups be initiated after Administration has made progress towards improving communication.

Some strategies are already being initiated to help improve communication between Administration and staff:

The main point of focus is communication between the Board, administrators, managers, and employees. We are taking the following steps to improve communication: 

  • Daily information updates from ATM rotating through staff morning safety briefings.

Other communication initiatives to be implemented in the near future:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly Q&A open forums with Board members, administrators, and employees focusing on major topics (i.e. QHR, Apogee, Safety Net Care Pool).
  • “Town-Hall” type meetings where all members of the Administrative Team are available to answer questions from staff.
  • Proactively attending County Commissioner’s and Town Council meetings on regular, announced meeting dates to provide information as requested.
  • Ongoing presentations and Q&A forums with a wide variety of social/service organizations, faith & business groups, county-wide municipal governments and others.