Facts about Holy Cross Hospital

Quality of care

The Taos community should be proud to know that Holy Cross Hospital ranks very high compared to other similar rural hospitals in New Mexico, and in many areas across the country, even outperforming some much larger facilities. Standardized surveys are managed by the federal government and allow everyone to compare multiple hospitals by similar focus areas. The most recent results can be found at http://hospitalcompare.hss.gov.

Some of our rankings include:

  • Percentage of patients who rate the hospital a 9 or 10 overall in national rankings
    • 70% of patients gave a rating of 9 or 10 to HCH,
    • 65% for Presbyterian
    • 50% for St. Vincent
  • Percentage of patients who would recommend the hospital to friends or family
    • 71% would recommend Holy Cross Hospital
    • 69% would recommend for Presbyterian
    • 50% would recommend for St. Vincent
  • Radiographic Procedures
    • Holy Cross Hospital uses lower-dosage radiographic technology than both Presbyterian and St. Vincent.