Holy Cross Hospital Mill Levy

What changes are being made at Holy Cross Hospital?

Our new CEO, Bill Patten, and his administrative team have already made some major changes at the Hospital to help combat some of the ongoing financial burdens. Bill joined the Hospital team in June, and in the first 6 months of the fiscal year we had a positive bottom line of $344,248. This is the first time the hospital has been ‘in the green’ (without a loss) in five years.

We have also made a Commitment to Excellence and have been working closely with the Studer Group to help change the culture of the hospital and help improve our quality of care. Learn more about our Commitment to Excellence initiative.

We will not stop improving our services and quality of care until we meet the needs and expectations of our community. Help support a brand new era at Holy Cross Hospital by voting YES to the mill levy increase on March 8. 

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