Holy Cross Hospital Mill Levy

What will the money be used for?

The mill levy will help to support maintenance of the hospital building which is owned by the county. The mill levy will not support operations. The money will be collected and managed by the County, Holy Cross Hospital will have to be transparent regarding the use of the money, and the county will know  how the money will be spent.

Taos Health Systems leases the buildings and land on which Holy Cross Hospital is located from the county. In the lease agreement, Holy Cross Hospital is responsible for all of the infrastructure maintenance costs associated with running the facility. Because of the continued losses we have experienced of the past few years, we have postponed capital improvements and equipment purchases for as long as we can.

  • Holy Cross has taken measures to reduce its expenses to keep the doors open. Currently Holy Cross is barely meeting its operational expense but has no funds available for necessary capital improvements that will keep it up to date and functioning as a first rate hospital. These items include new boilers, technical equipment etc.

According to an engineering report conducted by an outside agency earlier this year, we need to invest at least $2.6 million in needed capital improvements. A copy of that report is located here.

You can also read our 2016-2020 Capital Improvements Plan to see a prioritized list of expenses.

The county will be collecting and distributing money raised by the mill levy. Holy Cross Hospital will be working closely with the county to collect and allocate the money properly. 

Other Common Questions: