Holy Cross Hospital Mill Levy

Why should I support Holy Cross Hospital?

Holy Cross Hospital is an indispensable asset for Taos. Beyond providing health care services for our community, the hospital attracts retirees, supports tourism, and employs over 350 local community members. Having our own rural hospital is part of what makes us a great community.

Our new CEO, Bill Patten, and his administrative team have already made some major changes at the Hospital to help combat some of the increasing financial burdens. Bill joined the Hospital team in June, and in the first 6 months of the fiscal year we had a positive bottom line of $344,248. This is the first time the hospital has been ‘in the green’ (without a loss) in five years.

The hospital will not close if the mill levy is denied, but we will have to re-evaluate the services we provide. We provide a wide range of services for a community of this size, and not all of our services are profitable. If the mill levy does not pass, the community will see major shifts in how the hospital operates and what services it is able to provide.

What is the hospital’s impact on the overall economy?
The hospital has a significant impact on the local economy. If services were cut some of the ways the local economy could be impacted are:

  • The retirement community.
    The lack of a full service hospital could diminish the attractiveness for potential new retirees.
  • Tourism.
    Families and individuals might be reluctant to visit Taos knowing there was minimal care for them and their children.
  • Employment.
    Scaling back hospital services would cause a loss of skilled medical jobs. These jobs all contribute to the current economy through food and gas, housing, transportation and local entertainment. 

Other Common Questions: