Wheeler Peak Café

We prepare local organic produce  in our Heart Healthy Menu.  Our menu is made-to-order daily, and with our room service, patients decide what they eat and when.   

Drop by the Hospital Cafe for lunch even if you aren't a patient - it's a great place to enjoy an excellent affordbale meal all while overlooking Taos Mountain and chatting with our outstanding medical professionals.

Why are we doing all this? "It's our responsibility. Not just for our employees, but for our community," says Chef Matt Currey.

Staff in the Holy Cross Hospital Cafe are available to come to your business, school or organization for cooking demonstrations on healthy  eating. For more information call (575) 751-8909.

Community members enjoy education on healthy nutritional tips,cooking with new foods and enjoy fresh cooked meals with friends and co-workers too.  Stop by the Cafe to get a taste of what we offer, and talk with Matt or Joe about what we can with your group.

Delicious Meals. Local Food.