Taos First Steps Program

Holy Cross Hospital’s First Steps Program provides home visiting services to parents of children ages prenatal to three, including fathers, adoptive parents, and foster families in Taos and Western Colfax Counties.

Home visiting services provide new parents with information, support, and access to resources in our community that promote early childhood development and a positive family foundation.

We help parents adjust, grow, and change as they make their way through the ups and downs of parenthood. We also celebrate with them as their child grows and changes. Each milestone - cutting a first tooth, or taking a first step - is a joy to witness.

First Steps home visitors help prepare parents to cope with the everyday stressors associated with the transition to parenting, which are inevitable when a new baby enters your family. We work with other community organizations to help parents navigate the systems that are available to reduce those stressors. This leaves more time and energy for the joys of parenting as the family builds a relationship with their child.

At the foundation of our program is the home visitor's relationship with the family. The Home Visitor is dedicated to being responsive to a family's priorities, needs, and concerns. Together parents and home visitors establish family goals and work as a team to accomplish them. Parents are given the information, resources, and tools that they may need to become confident advocates for themselves and for their children. We support families as they build strong relationships with their children.

We are proud of our First Steps program and we are proud of our parents who are taking their first steps to provide the best for themselves and most of all, the best for their child.


Contact Taos First Steps at:
413 Sipapu St.
Taos, New Mexico 87571
(575) 751-5764

Winner of the American Hospital Assocation's 2009 NOVA Award for Community Collaborations for improving health status.