Jean Burrows

Patient Testimonial


Over the years I have developed a healthy respect for the Imaging Department at Holy Cross Hospital. Because I am a cancer survivor, they have evaluated my health frequently.

Last month, they surpassed themselves. A specialist in Santa Fe had ordered four different kinds of imaging. To me, it seemed excessive radiation.

Usually I take exception, but this time I slipped up. The Imaging Department did not. The technician who works the machine, Alvin Herrera, and the radiologist Dr. Paul Johnson sat down to talk with me and gave me the same advice: “It’s too much!” They called the specialist in Santa Fe. She reduced the order. I am very thankful they were paying attention, took the time to advise me, and had kept good records.

We will never know what damage the excessive radiation might have done, but some of it was certainly averted. Now I know that someone else is watching me, and will blow the whistle when they think I’m in unnecessary danger. Thank you so much, Imaging at Holy Cross Hospital.

Holy Cross Hospital is here for you with low dose imaging. Using the National Radiology Data Registry from the American College of Radiology, we make sure every patient gets the right dose at the right time.