Shelley Bahr

Patient Testimonial


I have polycythemia, a rare blood disorder. It is chronic and non-curable, but treatable with medication and phlebotomy. I had been seeing a doctor at the cancer center in Santa Fe. In July, I tried to have a phlebotomy at this out-of-town treatment center. They were not able to harvest the 500 cc's of blood needed. They poked me 4 to 5 times, and they still didn't have any success. I've always been a terrible stick because it's hard to find a good vein – they are very stubborn, and would only give up 110 cc's of blood. Imagine how thrilled I was, sitting there for three-plus hours while two very lovely phlebotomists poked away at me!

I had heard that Holy Cross had an ultrasound device able to find good veins to stick, so they sent over my chart. In Holy Cross Hospital's Infusion Clinic, Doug, a nurse who is well known for being magical on the "depth finder," cranked up the ultrasound machine, looked carefully at the screen, and went into my veins. He came out with 461 cc's of blood. He performed a successful phlebotomy correctly, the first time. I was elated, and so impressed with the job they did at Holy Cross.

I'm very thankful to have such a grand hospital as Holy Cross in Taos!