Imelda Jeantete

Employee Testimonial

In my forty plus years working as Medical Technologist, I have experienced many changes in the field, from learning about the personal side of health care and the nuns at the “Old Hospital”, to learning how to use computer information systems to increase efficiency in our ever increasing connected world. However, what hasn’t changed is my dedication, commitment and devotion to providing quality care for individuals who consider Taos their tranquil home.

I was born and raised in Taos and I’m happy to serve the people of the community. When I started working here at Holy Cross Hospital, my plan was to only work here for one year. Gradually, I became more involved in the Laboratory operations and wanted to continue developing my skill sets. I loved the aspect of being able to come to work and meet the demands of daily challenges. As the Hospital grew, I grew.

Today I continue to grow because the profession requires continual learning and professional growth. “Every day offers a new growth opportunity both personal and professionally.