Adonio Pacheco

Patient Testimonial

Antonio Pacheco, Born and raised in Chamisal.

I used the hospital’s MRI for heat stroke. I had been working outside with my brother at a grave, but I didn’t feel the heat or nothing. I was seeing double of everything. My symptoms started on Wednesday after going to the grocery store. And, Thursday I had to go to the emergency room, I slept there. They checked on me and everything and then gave me an MRI to see if I was okay. They checked my head, and then they checked my glands by my throat, they said everything was okay.
I came home on Friday. Then I went to see the doctor, he told me everything was okay with my head.
The staff in the MRI always treats us nice, every time we go. It’s okay; they do what they have to do. They treat me nice, so I have nothing bad to say about it. I don’t want to lie in any way, that’s the truth.

When I went to the doctor again they had the results already. I’ve had MRIs for everything. All the MRIs have been okay. I’ve gone to all of my MRIs here. I’ve been happy every time I’ve gone, it’s pretty good, no problems.