Steve and Randy Thorne

I have asthma and because of it I used to be in the hospital a lot and for about 6-8 days at a time. Expensive drugs that have come out now control it, but in the old days I would wake up in the middle of the night with an asthma attack, didn’t have time to make it to Santa Fe so we would rush over to the ER. The hospital has always taken care of me for the 30 years I have lived here.

Our recent stay in the hospital was super, no one wants to be in a hospital but when you are there it is great to be treated like a person. Everyone is so caring, including the men that clean the floors even they say hi how are you doing? And, that makes you feel really good. This was a great experience.
We had Dr. Bjorkman in the ER and what a presence, he makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Great guy, that man has a gift.

Then they rushed me back to the recovery room where Dr. O’Rourke came in and he has this look of love and compassion in his eyes. I told him you are a true healer and he said thank you.

I was walking down the hall one morning and Dr. Ismail was in the hall talking with another doctor. She said, “Hey Steve I can see your eye, you’re really looking better.” That little moment was beautiful for me. I mean to just recognize me as one of her people and to take a moment, 15 seconds to say you’re looking really good. That’s something to me. I wish I has told her that.

Nobody at Holy Cross in my opinion is distant, I’m the doctor and you’re the patient, that’s not happening with me over there. There’s no stigma. I felt the opposite and to be acknowledged it is nice.
Everybody cares, nobody at Holy Cross put’s a wall between the patient and the doctor or care giver. They seemed to recognize my personality it became a, “hey what’s going on bro how are you doing.” I had a lot of those experiences.

Some of us don’t have time to get to Espanola, or Los Alamos or Albuquerque and Taos is always there and available. You go into the ER, you’re going to be seen, if you have money or not. We have great insurance but they don’t care they are going to see me anyway. They are going to do right.
We really need a hospital in Taos. Holy Cross is a fantastic hospital. I always thought of us as a regional hospital.

One of my favorite spaces within the hospital is across from the board room where there is this window where the little garden is, and I just loved that picture. I just love that garden and I love being able to be outside watching nature do its thing, it was very therapeutic. How many hospitals have that? It was just so surreal, very homey. That little piece of nature was very meaningful to me.

The chef and the culture are also very nice. The food is really really good and the prices are just amazing. I like the build your own station.

I got to experience CARE team 3 different times while I was there. I’m pretty loose anyway and used to being in the hospital but it helped me. It’s nice for someone to rub your back or rub your feet.
Don’t change anything, just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing it already, it’s happening, it’s not a concept anymore.



I like that you are treating the whole patient and not just shooting them full of drugs. The whole team all the way from Dr. O’Rourke and Dr. Ismail to Dr. Martinez, the nurses and CNA’s even the nurses in training. Everybody is interested in the whole patient.