Margaret Johnson

Patient Testimonial

Ms. Alcon, I want to share with you my experience with Bob Niemeier and Greg Johnson at your Angel Fire location during the summer and fall of 2014.

I came from Dallas to Angel Fire with a prescription to continue physical therapy and with no official diagnosis other than a suspicion of ‘shoulder impingement’ by my prior therapist. With 6 visits under my belt and no improvement I just kept my fingers crossed that the therapist in Angel Fire could bring me some relief. That’s when I met Bob Niemeier. During his evaluation of my shoulder he determined I had a great deal more damage than ‘shoulder impingement’ and urged me to see Dr. Dan Guttmann in Taos rather than continue therapy which could possibly cause further injury.

The MRI showed that I had massive tears in my rotator cuff. I had surgery to repair them and was sent back to therapy in fear and trepidation! But Bob gained my trust from the start. I was able to relax do the work I was there to do. Thank you, Bob, for that.

I can only imagine what would have become of my shoulder had Bob not intervened and changed my course.

Greg Johnson, I thank you for your gentle touch and great music! You got a lot of work out of me with those two attributes!

Thank you Cindy, for your smiles and good cheer.

My experience as a whole with the Center for Physical Health was positive and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to rehab in a pleasant facility with top notch therapists.

I thank Holy Cross Hospital for making this wonderful clinic and this talented and educated team available for Angel Fire residents and visitors!

Margaret Johnson
McKinney, Tx/Angel Fire, NM