Donna Long

Patient Testimonial

To Paula, Dr. Fisher, and Jamie & all of the fantastic staff who took such fabulous care of me April 17th!

I can’t thank all of you adequately – you will never be forgotten, I promise you that.

My stay in Albuquerque was also exceptional for the care I received. Thanks so much for sending me there.

I left the hospital on Tuesday, flew home (without oxygen) on Wednesday. So I had one evening to roam in Old Town w/a friend who came to be with me, we enjoyed a wonderful meal and gorgeous sunset!

Sunday I will return to do all the things I’d planned on doing-and, I will stop in to see if any of you are still around so I can thank you in person.

You all got a rave review from me on the survey – and you deserved every bit of it!
Lily sends love and apologies for her inhospitable behavior and lots of thank you’s as well!

Blessings to all of you,
Donna Long