Erich Balzer

Patient Testimonial

Everyone from the surgical staff to wound care was outstanding. They took good care of me. And the food…the food was outstanding. The portions were more than anyone could ask for and it was hot when it came out. On a scale out of 10, I would say my time here was an 11. I don’t know of anywhere that it could have been better. Everybody was pleasant and in my mind they did not seem fake. I got the feeling that they were truly concerned about me, and they were.

My care at Holy Cross was just so super, I saw a doctor every day, it may have been a different doctor, but they were always well aware of my situation and inquired if I was comfortable. It was a whole family with everybody talking to each other. There was never a shift change where someone would come in and say who are you? They would say ‘Hi Erich.’ Ten days later, after super care, they found out what I had and the proper medication, and took good care of me.