Rita Stein

Employee Testimonial

I have worked here for 35 years. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, it went by pretty fast. I am originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin. From there I moved to Colorado and then to Tucson, Arizona. Eventually we moved to Silver City for a while, and then I just stayed when we came up to Taos. I started out at the old hospital in Med Surge, while also going to school to get my R.N. in Española. When we moved to the new location, I wanted work in surgery. In surgery I was the circulator and worked in recovery. Now I have been in preadmissions for the last couple of years and I am part time, which means no more call.

I really liked working in the operating room (O.R.). As a circulator, I was responsible for making sure everything ran right in the O.R., everything from the call team, the sutures, the labs and all that – I made sure things were going right. I’d have to take call and would sometimes get called in on the weekends, but I liked it. I like what I do now, too. In preadmissions, I meet with all the patients before their surgery and find out their health history. I work with Physicians Assistants (P.A’s) and we make sure that they order all the tests that the patient needs. We also talk to anesthesia about any important findings as well as medications.

The time just flew by. I really don’t mind coming to work. I like what I do and I like the people here. I like the doctors and the nurses back there. I have been good friends with a few of them for a long time. Sometimes I take time off. My son and I, this is our third year of Broncos tickets, so we like to go to Broncos games. I have my Broncos flag out on Sundays and like to wear my Broncos scrubs. I also have Cubs scrubs. I like the Chicago Cubs because my grandpa used to take us to some of the games and my dad was a big Cubs fan. I wear my Cubs scrubs and my Broncos scrubs a lot.