Barbara L. Hawthorne, PhD.

January 9, 2016


I want to extend my appreciation to all of the hospital staff that shared both Christmas and New Years with me as a patient at the Holy Family [sic] Hospital. I met numerous staff members during my stay, who helped me regain my health in order to begin the New Year, 2016.

Specifically, I would like to share my appreciation for each staff member’s professionalism, attentiveness, , positive attitudes, caring and thoughtful demeanors and listening ears! Certainly, a staff that reflects these characteristics is reflective of the administration and should be applauded by all community members. I have spent time in hospitals before; however, I have never experienced the thoughtfulness and care that I did at Holy Family [sic].

I would like to specifically thank the following staff members: Dr. Yong, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Gutierrez, Dr. Bjorkman, Dr. Moore, Dr. O’Hara; all RNs, night and day including Adam, Melissa, Jennifer, Julie and Chelsea and the caring RN in ICU; CNAs Rosia, Tyler, Kathleen, Robert and others; CT Scan, X-ray, and Ultrasound Technicians, all of whom warned me of the “speed humps” in the hallways; the two wonderful food technicians that helped me create some wonderful new dishes; Cecelia and Victoria, phlebotomists who visited early each morning at 3:30—I never felt a thing!; and Maria and her cohort who kept my room in order! There were many others who I have forgotten names, that I also wish to thank.

I sincerely believe that having the Holy Family [sic] Hospital and its skillful staff in town is extremely important; not only for local people and their families who need medical assistance in a timely manner; but as a foundation for the Taos economy. Tourism is Taos’ main industry, and without health care, many tourists—or potential residents-- are not going to consider visiting or moving here. We need their contributions to our economy and their satisfaction at our community’s amenities. I hope in the future that each of us will consider the benefits of having the hospital local; and will support its continued presence and availability for years into the future.

Thank you staff members for sacrificing your holidays to help others and me during the holiday season!


Barbara L. Hawthorne, PhD.
University of New Mexico
Taos Campus