Patient Portal

Welcome to your Patient Portal

This interactive web portal empowers all Holy Cross Hospital patients and their families to take a more active role in their care by providing easy, secure access to health information and online communication with Holy Cross Hospital staff. All of the information in your patient portal comes from your Holy Cross Hospital Electronic Health Record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

How do I use my Patient Portal?

In order to access your patient portal, you will need a profile number. You get your profile number from a visit to Holy Cross Hospital or one of the other clinics in our healthcare family. Patients only receive their “profile Number” at registration, with health information management (HIM) or with a nursing encounter. If you do not have a patient profile number or have questions regarding the patient portal, please call: 575.737.3332

Using your Portal, you’ll be able to:

  • See allergies and medical problems.
  • Review active home medications.
  • View laboratory resultact and demographic information.
  • View outpatient appointments.
  • View billing information for both current and past accounts.

Your Patient Portal

We now have a new patient portal, if you have not registered for the new system and don't have your patient profile number, please call: 575.737.3332.

I need to setup an account

If you already have your access information you need to enroll in the system.

I already have an account

If you already have your account information you can log in using the link below