Angela Archuleta

Patient Testimonial

I’ve had many experiences as an inpatient with Holy Cross Hospital,including lab draws, imaging, surgery, and anesthesia, and all my experiences have been very good. In fact, I’ve never had a negative one. I’ve been in different hospitals throughout the country, as well as used the health system in England, and it is very unique to get such personable care – almost like you’re the only one being cared for. But, to also get superior medical care along with the personal care, it’s almost unheard of. We are very fortunate and have a lot to be thankful for in Taos.

As an inpatient, people were always checking on me. They made sure I had what I needed, they answered my questions, always explained things thoroughly, and provided very efficient care. Having used the English health care system, I find that the wait time is really short here in Taos. For some of the same kinds of procedures that I’ve had done here, people have to wait for two years to get done there. 

I’ve lived in Taos for 17 years, and in that time I’ve watched the hospital grow in a positive way. The types of services that are available close to home are amazing. All the doctors and medical staff seem to have a good relationship. The communication system works very well. From registration to interacting with the different departments, the flow of my care and the communication has always been very efficient. It’s really a waste of time and money to drive somewhere elseto receive health care, especially when I can get great care here. I choose the convenience of having great local care.