Frances Santistevan

Patient Testimonial

I came in, had shoulder surgery, and I went home the same day. Dr. Guttmann is a really good surgeon and one of the best doctors I've seen, and I've been around here a long time. For a lady my age it’s hard to come through, but he did great with me.

After my surgery they sent me to physical therapy and my experience at physical therapy was that it was hurting a lot. “Just go to physical therapy and it will hurt at first,” said Dr. Guttmann. “But just keep on doing your exercises and what they tell you to do and you'll be fine.” So I did and it hurt, but I did what I was told and I'm well now. It's been about a year and I haven't had any problems with my arm. So anybody that needs surgery and they ask me who'd you have yours done with, I always recommend Dr. Guttman, because he's the best! He's a good doctor, he's kind and considerate, and I just love him to death.

I have a lot of faith in Dr. Guttmann and I think he's good and I recommend anyone who's having problems with their shoulders or something to go check with him first. He's number one on my list. And I hope he's number one on a lot of other people's list.

I'd also like to thank Marcia at Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. She's wonderful, she takes you through all the little steps, she makes sure to tell you what is she’s going to do and whether it’s going to hurt or not. She'll work you through the exercises and will make it pleasant. I recommend her.