Linda Friedman

Employee Testimonial

Linda worked as a nursing assistant at Holy Cross in the late seventies before leaving to pursue a career as an EMT. During that time she pursued her RN in New York where her husband’s family lived. She came back two years later and began nursing at the hospital.

Linda knew from the beginning that she wanted to be a. In 1996 she went to midwifery school and became the first Certified Nurse Midwife in Taos. She had an independent practice and contracted with Holy Cross, where she also worked as a labor and delivery nurse. When Women’s Health Institute opened Linda began seeing patients in the clinic while maintaining her status as a hospital employee. Three years ago she came back to Holy Cross as an RN working in Labor and Delivery.

Linda says her favorite thing is making connections and listening to the women’s stories. She says it’s very gratifying. She also likes the team work aspect of being an L&D nurse, saying “you really depend on your co-workers, it’s very important and I enjoy them.”

Linda says Taos is home. She’s lived in the same home she built with her husband in Llama forty years ago. She says she’s always loved the community, the women and their families.