Theresa Trujillo

Employee Testimonial

“I started working for Presbyterian Medical Services in 1982 in the old hospital. The hospital went through tough times, at times not making payroll.

I’ve always enjoyed working in the pharmacy; we work hard but enjoy the work immensely. Our responsibilities as technicians have changed over the years. We now work more closely with the pharmacists and the patients.

I’m here for the long-term. I like connecting with the patient’s as well as my co-workers. We enjoy our work; we laugh at times, and support each other. The continuing support is important as well as communicating and how we communicate – it’s big. If I don’t know something I ask, not assume.
Medication reconciliation, or getting the accurate list of medications the patients take at home, is an important function. I like to do this because I get to go and talk to the patient, and help ensure their medications are used correctly.

I like giving back to our community and working to help the patients get better. I find the work rewarding and I couldn’t think of working anywhere else.”