Burl Kinney

Doctor Cockburn is my specialist and I’ve visited with him for over 10 years. I respect him very, very much and I can’t say enough positive things about him. He’s appreciated and respected. I have faith in him and he has always treated me very well as a patient. I’m very comfortable discussing sensitive issues with Doctor Cockburn. He’s more than qualified to advise me. He gives me all the information I need from a technical standpoint and has kept me updated on new procedures regarding medical advances. These advances present options for my medical care. I make decisions about my health, but he advises me very well to helps me make good choices. He is a gentleman and a doctor that knows his business and his craft very well. But, I can also speak with him on a personal level because his manner with me is excellent. When I have questions of a very personal nature, I can ask him and I always get a straight answer.

Dr. Cockburn is a very important part of my life right now, I’m 75 years old and at this age you start developing things you need advice on, so I go to him for advice. He gives me good advice and if he isn’t able to care for me because what I need is outside of his specialty he refers me to other people, other doctors, to visit with from time to time so I can get an even clearer view from them, then come back to Dr. Cockburn to discuss more with him. Dr. Cockburn is not only my doctor, but he’s also a very good friend. I plan to consult with him and my healthcare in the future for as long as I have a future. Dr. Lucas Schreiber is my family doctor, who I also trust and like very much.