Tom and Sandra Lekas

Patient Testimonial

The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude and admiration for the entire staff of Holy Cross Hospital. My husband, Tom Lekas, was there for 8 days. From the minute we arrived in the emergency room, the move to the Intensive Care Unit, continuing through his last few days of recovery in the hospital, every staff at Holy Cross treated us with the utmost dignity and respect. I understand that it takes a village to raise a child - it also takes a village to care for a community and for each person in that community. After my husband's stay in Holy Cross, I was grateful we are a part of that village that is Holy Cross.

I have tried to list all of the names of the people that helped us but know that I will leave out many people. From the beginning in the Emergency room Dr. Gutierrez, Eric Larsen, RN, and Lee Torress, RT, to ICU Deb Ungar, RN, and Max, RN, and finally to Med Surg - Falko, Manuel, Annida, Susan, Adam, Dionne, MJ, Springbird, Carol, Brittany Amy and Robin. There was not one person that was not kind and helpful - even the gentleman who worked in the coffee shop! Everyone was kind and understanding.

Again, many thanks and accolades to those who helped my husband and I through this difficult time. I am proud and honored to call Holy Cross "our hospital."


Sandra Lekas