Douglas Blair

Cancer Support Services Testimonial

I have been going to the cancer support group meeting for about 8-10 months and have received support from the organization over that period of time which I am very grateful for. I think it’s a great program available for people like myself and many people a lot worse off than I am.

The support group meets once a week and it’s been quite an excellent experience, quite supportive. I think they are the most valuable thing for me, I mean obviously financial help is hugely beneficial given the vast amounts of money I have experienced, but the group meetings I think have been quite exceptional. When I first began going about 8 months ago, it was smaller. It seems to have developed into an even more vital and dynamic group. It’s an incredible place. Everyone has completely different and dramatic stories, and it’s very helpful to be in a space where people can really talk about what’s going on. Jason does an extraordinary job with it. And, as we have discussed on a number of occasions in the group, when you are confronted with this type of diagnosis it’s nice sharing and understanding from that place of going through it. It’s been a unique experience for me and very supportive.

I miss it when I have been out of town having to do treatments and things. There are a number of caregivers that have been coming and that’s great for that space to.

I have received gas cards I am very appreciative of, contributing to the much expense of driving to and from the airport or to the treatments in Santa Fe. My treatments are now basically in Houston, so there is a lot of driving involved. I’ve also had help with the groceries from both the Indian market and Super Save. Really, that’s been good.

I also really enjoy Monica’s Yoga class. What I have appreciated about Monica’s class is that she certainly introduces some very gentle stretches and things in ways I’ve never done them before, which is great. I really appreciate that, but it’s a very well structured and she’s so aware of and interested in exactly where you are and what’s going on, then making choices around that. On the surface this seemed so easy, but I have to say that every time I have gone, I leave feeling so much gently, harmoniously better than I did before I went in. I really encourage people to utilize the class. You know to get the body moving in the most supportive kind of way.

There’s a lot of other services I haven’t used, massage and different things, but I get that elsewhere.
The program is a remarkable thing in this community. I have been going down to MD Anderson every three weeks. I’m having a sense of having to be in that huge conglomerate of seeing thousands of people who look a lot worse off that I am, in ways, and to know that I have this community back home and people who care. Just to know that these services are available in this community, it’s pretty extraordinary. It’s heart-warming to see friends and people I know who have been supportive and I think the cancer support group is a very vital and extraordinary opportunity for anyone who has had to face that kind of diagnoses. Obviously group things are not for everybody, but I’ve gotta say everyone who has come, I think has really found benefit, so I encourage people to check it out.