Matthew C. Wohlberg

To the Staff of Holy Cross Hospital
To the Staff at Taos Surgical Specialties
Taos, New Mexico

Dear Esteemed Staff Members from both Institutions,

Last Tuesday I had a surgical procedure at Holy Cross under the Direction of Dr. Aiden O'Rourke, Taos Surgical Specialties. Dr. O'Rourke was aware of my great distress because of some preceding events which had taken place at and through another institution. From the very beginning of my experience at Taos Surgical Specialties and Holy Cross, no groups of people could have been kinder and more considerate.

Icame in early in the morning for the procedure and was admitted immediately with kindest regard for what must have been my apparent distress. The day before the procedure I was contacted by a nurse who took way more than ample time to explain everything to me and answer each and every question with care and attention to great detail. He and I actually got to the point that I was able to even laugh over the phone. Yesterday I received the very welcome news by phone that all was clear and Idid not have cancer as was told to me by a staff person from another institution in Albuquerque. You cannot imagine my relief.

Dr. O'Rourke knew from the very beginning that something was amiss and undertook his personal time and care to see things through to a definitive and positive outcome. He and the entire staffs from both Taos Surgical Specialties and Holy Cross Hospital went way beyond what I had ever experienced before to assure me that everything would be done to perfection and I would receive the finest of care. I have never before received such personal care and professional consideration. You all have my most profound thanks.