Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some general questions people have asked regarding donations to Taos Health Systems or Holy Cross Hospital. If you don't find an answer here or have other questions, please contact the Gift Office at (575) 751-8963 or Thank you for your interest and your generous support.

Are Taos Health Systems or Holy Cross Hospital non-profit organizations?
How do I send my gift?
Do I have any rights as a donor, such as how my gift is used?
Why should I make a donation to Taos Health Systems or Holy Cross Hospital?
I can only make a small gift at this time.  Will it still make an impact?
How do I make a memorial or honor gift?
What should I do if I want ALL my gifts be anonymous?
Will I receive a thank-you note for my gift and will it be suitable for IRS tax deductions?
How do I create a donation fund?
Is my gift tax deductible?
Will Taos Health Systems apply any part of my gift to administrative costs?
How can I take advantage of my company's Matching Gift Program?
What are Taos Health Systems’ donor protection policies?
Can I contribute a gift-in-kind or a gift of my time and talents?
What opportunities are there for recognition of my gift?
How can I get more information about making a gift?