What To Fund

Drawing on the talents of hundreds of doctors, nurses, technicians, support staff and networks of experts around the globe, Taos Health Systems works to find real solutions to health problems challenging people and communities across our region. Donor support is essential to our success. Please explore our website and find out more about how Taos Health Systems and Holy Cross Hospital are making a difference...and can do even more with your support! 

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  • Equipment

    You can help Taos Health Systems purchase specific equipment. A list of necessary items is listed below.

    Department Description Cost Per Quantity
    Med Surg Electric breast pump $2,000 1
    Emergency Blood Warmer $2,000 1
    Emergency Nitrous Oxide Machine $2,500 1
    Med Surg Air mattress (2) $2,500 2
    Laboratory Phlebotomy chair (2) $3,000 2
    Med Surg Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitors (2) 3,000 2
    Med Surg Sleeper chairs (6) $3,200 6
    Med Surg Standing scale $3,500 1
    Surgery Patient stretchers (6) $4,000 6
    Med Surg Hoyer lift $4,500 4
    LDRP Vital Signs Monitor $5,800 2
    Recovery Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitors (2) $5,800 2
    CPH NUSTEP $6,000 1
    Laboratory Universal Centrifuge $6,400 1
    Med Surg Hill-Rom Bed $7,400 2
    Surgery Bovie Cautery Generator $9,000 1
    Surgery Stryker Large Drill $13,000 1
    PT / Med Surg Bariatric stretcher chair, 850# cap $13,908 1
    Blood Bank plasma defroster $14,825 1
  • Annual Fund
    • We Care for Our Own

      Each year Taos Health Systems spends nearly $10,000,000 on healthcare for people in our community who don’t have enough money to pay for their own care. That’s ten-million-dollars that are not paid back by any private insurance, federal or state funds.  It’s an enormous amount of unfunded money THS spends to help those who are desperate for care, but can’t help themselves.  It’s money we must spend and money we should spend because it’s the right thing to do for people like…

      , who is 51 years old, newly divorced and unemployed.  She has Type 2 diabetes, but doesn’t know it yet.  All she knows is that she’s really tired all the time and her feet hurt a lot.  She wants desperately to work, but her energy is so low and she’s suffering.  She has no insurance. She’s too young for Medicare; not poor enough of Medicaid.  Her pain is getting worse and she knows she needs help.

      , who is 32 and works construction.  He has 3 kids at home and his wife is pregnant again.  Money is very tight, but he’s a good worker and hopes for a good career.  Then Javier gets injured in a car wreck after leaving work.  His company is too small to offer health insurance and since he wasn’t on the job when he was hit, there’s no workers-comp either.  Being out of work for even a couple of weeks could bankrupt him and his wife.  Who will take care of the emergency room bills?

      , who is 46 and has been seeing a doctor for gynecological issues.  Her specialist insists she needs surgery.  She has no children to make her eligible for Medicaid and she works in a seasonal business and cannot yet afford private health insurance.  She has little savings and no other financial support.  What can she do? Who will help her?

      We turn no one away
      .  Everyone who crosses our doorstep gets the help they need, regardless of ability to pay.  Government funding for indigent care is evaporating rapidly; dropping almost 80% without warning in the past 3 years. This puts an overwhelming burden on us to provide care.  The new healthcare insurance exchanges will help bring relief one day, but not for several years. 

      So, we’re asking you to help us meet this urgent need for people you may know – your neighbor, your friend, perhaps even a family member.

      We Care For Our Own
      is an annual fund created by the people of Taos and northern New Mexico to support the work of Taos Health Systems and Holy Cross Hospital in providing healthcare for those in need. Every dollar raised stays in our community to help people like Ginny, Javier and Anna.  Your generous gift combines with other gifts of all sizes to be a life-saving, life-changing contribution to our friends and neighbors who cannot help themselves.

      You can make a difference right now!

      A donor who supports We Care for Our Own and whose accumulated gifts over the course of a single year reaches or exceeds $5,000 will be publically acknowledged as a member of The Sisters' Spirit Club, for extraordinary service to our community. This giving club pays tribute to those intrepid, self-sacrificing and gutsy nuns who organized and led Holy Cross Hospital for so many years and whose spirit and vision laid the foundation for what is today one of the best rural healthcare systems in the country. 

      Please Give Now.

  • Early Childhood Programs

    Good health practices start early.  Studies show that when infants and children experience serious stress early in life they are far more likely to develop chronic disease as adults.  Taos Health Systems has created a variety of early childhood programs that seek to give parents and caregivers of children the resources they need to raise physically and mentally vibrant kids; resilient children who will be healthier teens and adults.  

    Your support for these programs helps us serve more families in more communities across our region, so we can develop happier, healthier kids and families.  Learn more about these programs by clicking on the links below.

    • Taos Loves Kids

      Being part of a community of other parents helps reduce isolation. Parents with greater knowledge about how their children grow and develop and access the resources they need to meet their children’s needs. They are less likely to neglect or abuse their children, and to meet the challenges of daily life with resilience.

      Taos Loves Kids offers a variety of support groups and classes from Questa to the Mesa, from Peñasco to the heart of Taos and Taos Pueblo. Classes are offered in Spanish and English include: Parenting Classes, Infant massage, CPR; and monthly playgroups.

    • First Steps

      Holy Cross Hospital’s First Steps Program provides home visiting services to women who are pregnant for the first time and to first-time parents, including fathers, adoptive parents, and foster families in Taos County. Home visiting services provide new parents with information, support and access to resources in our community that promote early childhood development and a positive family foundation. Services are available to first time families from the prenatal period until the child’s third birthday.

      Learn more about the Taos First Steps program.

  • Endowment
    • Holy Cross Endowment Fund

      An endowment is a health system’s financial cornerstone, the core of its ability to fuel progress in patient care, research, teaching and community outreach. Through allowing an institution to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as foundation grants or government aid, endowments ensure that promising programs, individuals, and initiatives have the continual, steady support they need to make the investments that can pay off in consistent, high-quality and innovative healthcare treatment.

      An endowment consists of funds given to Taos Health Systems or Holy Cross Hospital that are invested in perpetuity. Endowed funds can be “unrestricted,” providing a resource that can be used to meet current hospital priorities and exciting new opportunities as they arise, or can be “restricted” by the donor, meaning funds are designated for specific purposes, including scholarships and fellowships; new equipment, training, research programs; or capital improvements.

      Each year, a portion of the return is distributed to hospital priorities and designated programs, while the remaining portion of the return is reinvested back into the principal for market growth. This allows for an endowment to provide both immediate funding and long-term financial security for the institution, ensuring that the fund will continue to benefit future generations of doctors, nurses, educators, and patients.

      As example, the Holy Cross Hospital Endowment Fund was established in 2010, as an unrestricted fund, “for the support of the charitable, scientific, or educational purposes of Taos Health Systems and its affiliated agencies.”  Managed for us by Taos Community Foundation, this endowment is open for additional contributions made from large or small donations, major gifts or gifts of almost any kind. It is an excellent instrument for those who do not wish to establish their own endowment, but still wish to invest in Taos Health Systems, so their gift keeps giving.

      Establishing an endowment is an act of great generosity and vision.
      Donors who decide to create an endowment do so because they understand the importance of supporting the institution not only during their lifetime, but for generations to come. These visionary individuals, families, and organizations build an extraordinary resource. Many donors choose to establish an endowed fund in order to honor a loved one, or to memorialize an important figure in their life, ensuring that their name and generosity will forever be a guiding force in our institution’s success.

      For additional information on establishing or contributing to an existing endowment, call the Gift Office at (575) 751-8963 or email gmartinez@taoshospital.org.

      Taos Health Systems, Inc. is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible or may provide other significant tax advantages. Please consult your tax and legal counsel for advice on the giving method best suited to you.

  • Services for Our Community
    • Prescription Assistance

      Patients discharged from Holy Cross sometimes are unable to afford their medications and are at risk suffering harm from a lack of access. The Emergency Medicine Program provides prescription assistance when an urgent supply of medication is needed.

    • TUPAC (Tobacco Use Prevention and Control program)

      Annual smoking-related costs in New Mexico are $954 million , $461mm in direct medical costs and $493mm in lost productivity.

      Your support can help us end the devastating impact of tobacco use in our community! Certain groups are particularly vulnerable to using tobacco or being exposed to secondhand smoke and have even higher rates of tobacco use than other groups.  Taos Health Systems is leading a partnership with UNM’s Adult Learning Center, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, and local LGBTQI and Native American groups that:

      • promotes awareness of tobacco's dangers;
      • seeks to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke; and
      • prevents early on-set of tobacco use.

      These efforts are specifically targeted to young people; immigrants; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and intersexed people; and Native Americans. 

      Funded in part by a grant from the NM Department of Health, the TUPAC program (Tobacco Use Prevention and Control) is taking health education to a new level of effectiveness by providing tobacco cessation support and resources via community partners who are trusted experts for the populations they serve. 

      Your support can help us outreach to more people and literally help save their lives!

    • Taos SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program)

      Holy Cross Hospital's Taos SANE program (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program) offers confidential and compassionate care to female and male victims of sexual assault, over the age of 13 years.

      Serving people from Taos and Colfax counties, Taos SANE offers a medical exam in a private area of the hospital for anyone who has been assaulted in the previous 5 days, as well as STD (sexually transmitted disease) treatment for up to 30 days after an assault. The program is...

      • Free of charge;
      • Confidential; and
      • Does NOT require the victim to report to Law Enforcement (however, information and evidence gained from the examination can be used in an investigation. Our staff is also qualified to testify, if needed. 

      Learn more about Taos SANE

      Working in partnership with Community Against Violence (CAV), your gift will help us do more in the community to educate on violence prevention and let victims of sexual violence know they are not alone and real help is available to them for free.

    • The Diana Smith Helping Hands Fund

      Patients are sometimes faced with leaving the hospital without basic necessities such as food, clothing, medical supplies, drugs and gas for transportation. The Diana Smith Helping Hands Fund provides money and resources for patients in dire straits, assisting them with what they need to return home and continue their recovery process.

    • Cancer Support Services

      Holy Cross Hospital's Cancer Support Services provides non-medical support to people in Taos & Colfax Counties who are struggling with cancer.  These services support emotional well-being and ensure that basic needs are met, in order to, ease the strain, promoting healing and improving the quality of life for patients and their family members during a most difficult time.

      Services currently include:

      • Health care navigation
      • Support groups
      • Housecleaning
      • Massage
      • Yoga and other therapeutic modalities
      • Fitness or lifestyle coaching, and
      • Assistance with transportation, food, or lodging.

      Learn more about  Cancer Support Services .

      Cancer Support Services is supported in part by the annual For the Health Of It! Walk to Fight Cancer and by donations from people like you!

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  • Departments
    • Women's Health Institute

      Women's Health Institute cares for all aspects of gynecological health for women of all ages.  Our physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives provide a wide range of health services for every stage of life to keep the women of Taos healthy, strong and vibrant.

      If surgery is needed, Women's Health Institute provides laparoscopic procedures in many instances that are far less invasive and allow for speedier recovery.

      From annual well-woman exams to family planning and pregnancy to peri-menopause to post-menopause, WHI serves as a vital community-wide resource for women's health and well-being.

    • Diabetes Management

      Holy Cross Hospital's Diabetes Management Services provides quality education, resources and support to individuals who are challenged with the diagnosis or prevention of type 1, type 2, and/or gestational diabetes. Education on all aspects of diabetes including disease process, medications, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring, prevention of acute and chronic complications, goal setting and problem solving is included.

      Learn more about Diabetes Management Services.

    • Holy Cross Auxilary

      The Holy Cross Hospital Auxiliary provides service to the Hospital and the community through supportive involvement with patients, family, staff and visitors.

      Auxiliary members handle a variety of responsibilities at the hospital, including staffing the Day Surgery desk and the Information Desk; operating our wonderful Gift Shop in the hospital lobby; distributing books and magazines to patients; assisting with the annual For the Health of It! 5k/10k Run Walk; and hosting the eagerly-anticipated Valentine’s Day Tea and Holiday Bake Sale for all the Hospital employees.  Auxiliary members can also be trained to serve as Patient Advocates in our Emergency Room, working with patients and their families to stay informed and be less anxious.

      Learn more about the Holy Cross Auxiliary and other volunteer opportunities.

    • Taos Sports & Physical Medicine

      Taos Sports and Physical Medicine is a full service physical therapy clinic serving the northern New Mexico region, with specialty in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine rehabilitation.

      The clinic has satellite offices in Angel Fire and in Taos at the North Side Health and Fitness Center.  It also has a long time relationship with the Family and Youth Center to use the only warm water rehabilitation pool in the area.  Extended hours are now available to accommodate our working population and late afternoon skiers, hikers and other sports enthusiasts!

      Learn more about Taos Sports & Physical Medicine.

    • CARE Team: Integrative Medicine/Wellness

      Holy Cross Hospital offers Integrative Health Services to in-patients. These services combine traditional medical treatment with complementary or alternative therapies to help patients heal faster and feel better. These therapies create a healing experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

      These safe and gentle healing therapies have been shown to reduce anxiety and pain while enhancing the body's own healing processes. All services are evidence-based; they have been tested and proven safe by research and experience. Treatments are optional, and are offered in addition to treatment from your doctor at no extra cost to you.

      To learn more about Integrative Medicine/Wellness.

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  • Scholarship Funds
    • High School Senior Scholarships

      Each year Taos Health Systems awards educational scholarships to local graduating high school seniors pursuing a higher education - in any field.  These scholarships are awarded to eligible graduating seniors from high schools in Taos County and the Cimarron Valley School District.  The uniqueness of these scholarships is that once selected, recipients receive funds each semester that they are in college and maintain a high GPA.  It's one of many ways we give back to our community!
      For more information about the High School Senior Scholarship program, please email gmartinez@taoshospital.org.

    • Mercy Lucero Nursing Scholarship

      The Mercy Lucero Nursing Scholarship was established to assist community residents in obtaining and furthering their healthcare career.  In 2013, the scholarship was renamed to honor Mercy Lucero's 46 years of leadership and nursing service to Holy Cross Hospital on the occasion of her retirement.  Many years ago, Mercy was a recipient of a scholarship from Holy Cross Hospital, which allowed her to obtain her nursing degree and return to serve her community in a way she loved.  

      The legacy of this scholarship program has helped countless people advance their careers - many of whom continue to work for Holy Cross Hospital.  With you help, this program will make a difference in our community for years to come. 
      For more information about the Mercy Lucero Nursing Scholarship please email gmartinez@taoshospital.org

  • Giving Societies
    • The Sister's Spirit Club

      Honoring those donors whose generosity in support of our Annual Fund, We Care for Our Own,  exemplifies the spirit and vision of our founders to build a stronger, healthier community by providing access to exceptional healthcare for those in greatest need.   

      A donor who supports We Care for Our Own and whose accumulated gifts over the course of a single year reaches or exceeds $5,000 will be publically acknowledged as a member of The Sisters' Spirit Club, for extraordinary service to our community.

      This giving club pays tribute to those intrepid, self-sacrificing and gutsy nuns who organized and led Holy Cross Hospital for so many years and whose spirit and vision laid the foundation for what is today one of the best rural healthcare systems in the country; a system that still embraces the nuns' favorite mottos of  "No one gets turned away" and "Best Patient Care!"

      To begin your journey toward Club membership, you can make a donation to our Annual Fund, We Care for Our Own, by clicking below.   

      Please Give Now.


    • Dream Catcher Society

      Honoring those who have caught the dream of what a vibrant Taos Health Systems can be to our community’s public health and help secure the financial future of that dream through their major gifts of $25,000 or more.

      Dream catchers are based on the Native American tradition of hanging a symbolic web over a sleeping person to protect him or her from bad dreams and to “catch” good dreams, so they remain and blossom into reality. Though the idea of dreams is stressed in these totems, their ultimate meaning is broader. Many Native American traditions hold that during the course of a lifetime, many forces come into play that can block our mindfulness of life and our connections to all things in life. It is believed that having awareness of this life-force causes the dream catcher to hold not only good dreams, but also good visions, ideas, and desires; seeking opportunities to help people around them achieve their ideals and goals.

      Likewise, through their philanthropy, members of the Dream Catchers Society of Taos Health Systems help to concentrate good energy, provide great vision for our future, and expand wellness across our community.

      For more information on the Dream Catcher Society or to make a major gift of any kind, please contact the Gift Office at (575) 751-8963 or gmartinez@taoshospital.org.

    • Mable Dodge Luhan Legacy Society

      Honoring those who secure the financial future of Taos Health Systems and Holy Cross Hospital through their planned gift or with a life-income gift.

      An Enduring Legacy
      In 1936, Taos philanthropist Mable Dodge Luhan donated a house to create Holy Cross Hospital; to serve the healthcare needs of the community, especially impoverished citizens, who were and are still at greates risk. The Mable Dodge Luhan Legacy Society celebrates her enduring legacy of a lifetime of philanthropy toward the hospital, as well as those people who choose to follow in our benefactor's footsteps.  Membership is extended to all individuals who include Taos Health Systems and/or Holy Cross Hospital in their estate plans or make a life-income gift to any of its agencies, programs, divisions, departments or area of interest.

      Because a legacy gift represents a lifetime commitment, the Mable Dodge Luhan Legacy Society comprises donors of any age and gift amount.

      Donors of life-income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts, will be welcomed automatically into the Society following the completion of their gift. Bequest donors may qualify by completing a membership form and/or by providing documentation such as a portion of a will, revocable trust or beneficiary designation form.  Bequests can be made with numerous assets, including cash, publicly traded securities, tax-deferred retirement plans, life insurance, real estate and other personal property.

      To learn more about the Mable Dodge Luhan Legacy Society or gift planning opportunities, please contact the Gift Office (575) 751-8963 or gmartinez@taoshospital.org.

  • Memorial and Honor Gifts

    Often times we want to pay tribute to those who are special to us. One of the best ways is to make a charitable gift in the name of that special someone; a gift that can help others for years to come.

    Donors can make a gift to Taos Health Systems or even establish a fund that pays honor to a living friend or loved one or make a Memorial gift or fund that remembers in a special way a friend or loved one who has passed away.  By supporting Taos Health Systems, these gifts ensure a legacy of remembrance that extends far into the future - and when combined with others can help countless lives.

    Family members or friends can contact our Gift Office to discuss how best to pay tribute and promote their gift in the name of that special person (e.g. an obituary, service guide, online or other public notice).  Appropriate promotion of the gift or fund is a wonderful way to encourage others to give and deepen the lasting impact of the tribute.  Naturally, all gifts can be unrestricted for general use or directed to support a specific program or department.
    Please contact our Gift Office for more information at (575) 751-8963 or gmartinez@taoshospital.org.

    You can also make an online Memorial or Honor gift by clicking here:

    Give Now

Taos Health Systems, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit charitable organization.

All donations are tax deductible or may provide other significant tax advantages. Please consult your tax and legal counsel for advice on the giving method best suited for you.